Chi sono

I believe that each of us possesses the necessary tools to realize our desires.

I believe that a better world can emerge from empathetic and authentic communication.

I believe that discovering new perspectives can trigger significant changes.

I believe that pursuing excellence requires kindness towards oneself and the free flow of thoughts.

I believe that guilt hinders personal growth, while self-listening is essential for success.

I believe that continuous learning is the key to evolution and the achievement of goals.

I am thrilled to see people light up when they make significant discoveries about themselves or their situations.

I am filled with joy to accompany my clients on their journey of growth and witness their success.

I love to actively listen.

I am passionate about the dance that takes shape during sessions with my coachees, discovering new and unexpected steps with them.

I am fascinated to see goals emerge from the fog of confusion, coming to life in the light of awareness.

I have always been a curious person, with an innate inclination towards observation, understanding, and learning.

My various experiences, both personal and professional, have taught me that I am not what I do but that my work is an expression of who I am.

I earned a degree in Modern Literature from the University of Turin, danced professionally, organized theatrical events, collaborated on European projects, and worked with organizations of various sizes, contributing to their growth.

In 2015, I obtained the Executive Coach diploma from the European School of Coaching, and in 2021, I obtained the ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation.

How can I learn more about it?

Do not hesitate to contact me: your first session will be free of charge and you won’t be pushed to go any further if you don’t want to.

This way you’ll have the chance to get to know me and the method and assess freely whether it fits you.

Sessions can be held via Skype, Zoom, Cisco, Whatsapp or any other remote way.

tel. +39 3396065349

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