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I had a goal, nebulous at first, vague and hard to understand. To start with, Lisa helped me to understand what it was and see it in a simple way; she was blunt but delicate at the same time. Thanks to her complete friendliness and openness I felt free to face the issue, feeling comfortable even though I was in an absolutely new area for me. The method matches me, probably because I’ve found the sense of it, and I could embrace every exercise, every incentive and every question that Lisa proposed.
I finished the path within the time we set and I reached my goal. A good conquest.

Coachee – Turin

I worked with Lisa as a Coach on Skype (as I live in another country), during one of the most difficult moments of my life and after trying various other kinds of therapy without success.
I immediately felt comfortable with her, she was professional but not distant. She helped me to deal with certain issues in a way  that was  different to what I was used to and more focused on reaching future goals*, but I didn’t feel limited in how I needed to express myself, or that I should hold back when I talked in a way that was more logical to me.
Lisa resolutely helped me address the outer world with a different attitude. It’s hard for me to tell you how many of the facts, people and positive events that followed immediately after could be considered a result of this path, but I’m certain that it had a fundamental role in changing my life for the best in these ensuing years.
Coachee – Praga

I had just one big fear: I wouldn’t make it. Everything seemed too big and strenuous, both the small daily issues and the goals to reach personal contentment. Lisa helped me focus, recognize the weight of the problems and find within me the tools to use to deal with them. The path was sometimes hard, but so rewarding. In Lisa I’ve found an eloquent* and professional leader, who is gifted with strong empathy. Now that the path is completed I feel focused and able to handle my life. Now, when I’m in front of an obstacle or a challenge, I hear Lisa’s voice in my mind telling me gently and firmly: “Ok, just change your point of view”.
Coachee – Bologna

There are so many qualified licensed professionals around – maybe too many. Actually, judging from my previous experiences, far too many. And yet there are only a few who are capable, structured, smart, with an innate talent for listening refined by years of study and practice. Luckily, Lisa is such a coach. She grasps quickly. And she is not afraid to tell things the way they are: kindness does not exclude firmness and determination. As most other people, I had moments where I needed to hear “hey, you can do it” – as well as moments when I needed to hear “just stop lying to yourself”, instead. Lisa was able to understand which moment was which, and choose the right tools, instruments and tones for every situation – even remotely.
Coachee, New York

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