ICF – International Coaching Federation Global / ICF Italia
The community to refer to for continuous training and professional growth.

ECC – Scuola Europea di Coaching
The amazing professional coaches that trained me to do this job.

Action Theatre – Learning English Through Fun srl
The adventure I share with Rupert Raison and Giorgia Nordio.

Alberto Bonis
A brilliant, kind nerd. A true Professional with a capital P. Without his help I could never have made this website.

Massimiliano Feroldi – The Dark Cat on the Moon
A talented illustrator who has such an imagination that always leaves me gobsmacked.

Francesca Cola – Spazio Ortensia
A marvellous 360 degrees artist, dance therapist and much more. Photographer: most of the photos you find on this website are hers.

Juliet Chappell (Twitter / Istagram)
A wonderful actress, graduate of Modern History from the University of Oxford and a beautiful person. She checked through the English version of this website.

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